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Important EZorb® Dosage Information
  • For prevention take 2-6 Capsules or 1-2 teaspoons Powder daily.

  • For any of the following symptoms, take startup daily dosage recommended for your body weight (See attached Dosage/Weight Reference Table). Gradually reduce to maintenance dose afterwards.



Bone Spur/Calcium Deposits

Calcium Deficiency

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Muscle Spasm

Pain in the Back/Neck/Shoulder/Knee/

Any Other Bone/Joint/Muscle Problems

  • EZorb can be taken at any time except for fibromyalgia patients (See below for Special Instructions for Fibromyalgia Customers). No need to space out doses, or take more than twice a day. For example, if your daily dosage is 8 capsules, you may take 4 twice a day.

  • EZorb can be taken with or without food. EZorb Powder can be mixed with any liquid, cold or at room temperature.

  • Drug Interaction: EZorb has not been found to interact with any other drugs or supplements.

  • Side Effects: EZorb does not have any known side effects.

  • Special Instructions for Fibromyalgia Customers: Some fibromyalgia customers may feel sleepy after taking EZorb in the afternoon or early evening. Fibromyalgia customers are recommended to take this product twice a day, in the morning and at night, half an hour to one hour before bedtime.

  • Dosage / Weight Reference Table


Startup Daily - First 3 Months

Maintenance Daily

<100 lbs 6 Caps/2 tsp Powder 4 Caps/1.5 tsp Powder

100lbs - 160lbs

8 Caps/2.5 tsp Powder

6 Caps/2 tsp Powder

160lbs - 210lbs

10 Caps/3.5 tsp Powder

8 Caps/2.5 tsp Powder

210lbs - 270lbs

12 Caps/4 tsp Powder

10 Caps/3.5 tsp Powder

> 270lbs 14 Caps/4.5 tsp Powder 12 Caps/4 tsp Powder
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