EZorb Calcium Genearl Information

New World Record: 92% absorption rate.

Calcium absorption extended from within the duodenum to the entire small intestines.

Tens of thousands people take EZorb Calcium daily to keep bone and joint healthy.

Helped thousands recover from osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, bone spurs, and many other bone and joint disorders.


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EZorb Calcium

bone strength and fragility



arthritis / osteoarthritis

bone spur / heel spur

joint and cartilage damage

bone density decline

fibromyalgia / nerve and muscle pain

back pain and lower back pain





Research shows these groups (to the right), in addition to children and senior citizens, have the highest exposure to calcium deficiency, which would lead to osteoporosis, arthritis, bone spurs and other bone and joint diseases.





post-menopausal women

pregnant women

veterans and military personnel



construction workers