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Comparison of Osteoporosis Treatment

Brand Active Ingredient Increases BMD? Physiological Function Prerequisite Side Effects
EZorb® Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous Yes Stimulates osteoblasts* to create more new bone mass. None No known side effects.
Bisphosphonates No Retains old bone mass by killing osteoclasts.** Calcium/Vit.D Blood in stool and urine, fatigue, stomach ulcers, nausea, hair loss, headache, blurred vision, heartburn,joint pain, constipation, weight gain, diarrhea, chest pain.
Evista® Raloxifene No Acts as an estrogen. Calcium/Vit.D Blood clots in the veins, hot flashes, cramps, swelling, sleep difficulty, depression, speech problems.
Yes Acts as parathyroid hormone. Calcium/Vit.D Causing bone cancer in lab rats, dizziness, leg cramps, chest pain, vomiting, constipation, sluggishness.
Prolia® Denosumab No Retains old bone mass by slowing down osteoclasts development. Calcium/Vit.D Joint and muscle pain in the arms and legs, dead jaw bones, low blood calcium level, hypersensitivity allergy reactions.

Healthy bones are constantly rebuilding themselves. Old bone mass is broken down and removed by osteoclasts and new bone mass is formed by osteoblasts.

* Osteoblasts are cells that are responsible for creating new bone mass.
** Osteoclasts are cells associated with bone resorption.