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Osteoporosis Research

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Management of osteoporosis due to ovarian failure.

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A biomechanical analysis of intravertebral pressures during vertebroplasty of cadaveric spines with and without simulated metastases.

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Swan-shaped bone fixation device made of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy for treating humeral fracture in rabbits.

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Recent concerns surrounding HRT.

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Birth and death of bone cells: basic regulatory mechanisms and implications for the pathogenesis and treatment of osteoporosis.

Arthritis Research

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Efficacy of knee tape in the management of osteoarthritis of the knee: blinded randomised controlled trial.

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Treatment of deep hyalin cartilage defects with autologous perichondrial grafts.

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Association of aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use with incidence of non-hodgkin lymphoma.

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Hamstring graft technique for stabilization of canine cranial cruciate ligament deficient stifles.

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Changes in the local regulation of insulin-like growth factors I and II and insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins in osteoarthritis of the canine stifle joint secondary to cruciate ligament rupture.

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A home-based protocol of electrical muscle stimulation for quadriceps muscle strength in older adults with osteoarthritis of the knee.

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Prolonged Treatment of Human Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes with Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Stimulates Proteoglycan Synthesis But Not Proteoglycan Matrix Accumulation in Alginate Cultures.

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Inducible nitric oxide synthase and apoptosis-related factors in the synovial tissues of temporomandibular joints with internal derangement and osteoarthritis.

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Hematic levels of type I collagen C-telopeptide in erosive versus nonerosive osteoarthritis of the hands.

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Calcium Research

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Postmenopausal survivors of breast cancer at risk for osteoporosis: nutritional intake and body size.

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Multiple mechanisms of transmitter release evoked by pathologically elevated extracellular [K+]: involvement of transporter reversal and mitochondrial calcium.

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Bone mineral measurement: Skylab experiment M-078.

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Dietary sugars and micronutrient dilution in normal adults aged 65 years and over.

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Calcium supplementation in pre-eclampsia.

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Dosage of potassium citrate in the correction of urinary abnormalities in pediatric distal renal tubular acidosis patients.

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Regional citrate anticoagulation for hemodialysis using a conventional calcium -containing dialysate.

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Validation of a food frequency questionnaire for nutritional calcium intake assessment in Italian women.

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Dietary calcium intake in lactose maldigesting intolerant and tolerant African-American women.

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Efficacy and tolerance of a calcium-magnesium-aspartate solution in the treatment of hypocalcemic parturient paresis in cows.

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Calcium metabolism in hypocalcemic cows with myocardial lesion.

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The influence of jejunoileal ratio on plasma electrolytes and liver function in intestinal bypass for morbid obesity. A randomized trial.