Bone Spurs Can Be Healed Naturally!

"Do You Suffer From Painful Bone Spurs?"

Before you consider surgery, disability, or expensive medications to alleviate bone spur pain, please read this life-changing article - it reveals an amazingly simple way to end bone spur agony affordably and easily.

MIAMI, FL - "Who would believe those tiny little heel spurs could make my life so miserable for over 10 years," asked Marvin, a Financial Planner working for a large company. "And I'm not alone - I know quite a few people who've suffered from the same conditions for years."

Marvin was a happy, active, athletic young man who worked out at the gym every day after work. One day he felt a nagging little tug in the middle of his left heel. The discomfort in his left foot didn't bother him much at first, and it soon seemed to resolve itself completely.

But then, several months later, things got a lot worse, and Marvin soon had to take pain relievers. He was hoping the stabbing pain would go away again, if he ignored it. And, besides, his main focus at the time was career advancement.

Finally painkillers stopped working altogether, and stretching only seemed to make things worse. The more he walked the more it hurt. "When I tried to walk even a little bit, I felt a searing rip in the left heel and numbness at the tips of my toes." Marvin knew he needed help.

Marvin went to a podiatrist, who took X rays, which indicated a bone spur in his heel. The doctor treated him with cortisone injections, which offered only temporary relief.

Doctor's Advice Proves Fruitless

As the years passed, the bone spur pain became more severe. "I had to shift my weight to my right foot," said Marvin. "On the left side I had to distribute my weight toward the outside of the foot, which caused me to sprain my ankle several times."

"Meanwhile, I was at a critical point in my career. I had no time for myself . . . I continued to abuse my feet by working on them 10 hours a day!"

One day Marvin fell to the ground on the way to his office. He was sent to the emergency room. After battery of tests and X rays, he was put on disability and was referred to a surgeon for heel spur removal surgery.

After seeking advice from over a dozen doctors, he decided to go through the procedures of sawing off the heel spurs, and plantar fasciotomy. "It was a nightmare." Marvin said of his horrible experience of the surgery.

During his recovery, Marvin's right foot began to ache. The X ray and MRI showed bone spurs in the right foot, too, which wasn't much of a surprise, since Marvin had been putting as much weight as possible on his right foot, to allow the left foot to heal. But the new pain hit him really hard, mentally as well as physically.

"I hate to admit it, but I was crying like a baby every night," Marvin confessed. "I was unable to walk more than five steps at a time. My knees were bleeding... my wrists were sore... and I was in constant pain, even while resting. My life was a mess."

Marvin's Sister Comes To The Rescue

Soon, the doctor was injecting Marvin's right foot with cortisone. Marvin's sister Anna sent him two bottles of EZorb. "I didn't pay much attention... Anna was always sending me stuff. I took it on and off for about a month and soon noticed the pain wasn't as bad as before. But I still didn't believe it was EZorb that made the difference."

One day, a month later, Marvin decided to take a walk to a local park, to test his limits. The pain following that short walk was much, much less than he'd experienced before. And he had even walked without crutches.

"By then I was fully convinced," said Marvin. "I started to double up on my doses of EZorb and made sure I took it every day. Words can't describe how different I felt when I would wake up in the morning. I felt like I was beginning to gain back the years I had lost."

Within six months Marvin was back to walking a mile or a mile and a half every morning, with no trouble at all. Occasionally he felt a little pain in the still-recovering left foot. But the pain in the right heel had completely subsided. Subsequent X rays showed no signs of the bone spur.

Marvin's employer took him back. "I've been out of work for almost five years," Marvin said. "It's a completely different ball game now. There are so many new things to catch up. But I'm so grateful to have my life back, and I owe it all to your great product."

What Made The Difference?

Marvin knows that EZorb turned his life around - and it can do the same for you.

You see...

Bone spurs can be anywhere in your body, e.g. hips, knees, neck and shoulder. They are caused primarily by weak bone and joint metabolism, which causes bone and joint structures to become unbalanced along the joint cartilage. As a result, the soft tissues in the area are calcified and form bone spurs. If ignored, bone spurs will cause permanent damage to bones and joints, eventually leading to osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

Heel spur is a common type of bone spur that can be caused by imbalance of weight on weakened bones and joints of the foot. Most heel spurs can be cured, if treated properly. Heel spur removal surgeries are unnecessary in many cases.

In addition to low bone and joint metabolism, recent studies show that calcium deficiency can also cause bone spurs.

Many people don't realize it, but only 5% - 25% of the calcium they take is actually absorbed by the body. When your body is deficient in calcium, it will actually rob calcium from your bones. Significant calcium deficiency may cause an acceleration of this calcium depletion process, and the "spillover" then form bone spurs.

That's why it's necessary to use a supplement that acts on both causes of bone spurs: weak bone/joint metabolism and calcium deficiency. Nothing on the market today can do that better than EZorb.

Three Reasons Why You Want EZorb To Remedy Your Bone Spurs

First, EZorb stimulates osteoblasts (bone forming cells) to promote healthy bone and joint metabolism, so that the unbalanced structure can come into proper alignment.

Second, EZorb Calcium provides the highest calcium absorption (92%). This means your body will always have sufficient calcium around so that your bones will be protected from calcium depletion.

Third, EZorb Calcium protects your cartilage, so that existing bone spurs won't damage your cartilage to cause further problems that could lead to osteoarthritis.

As you can imagine, bone spur surgery can cause excruciating pain. And there's no guarantee whatsoever that more bone spurs won't develop in the future. So what are your options?

Clearly your best option for remedying painful bone spurs without settling for the unbearable pain or going through intensely painful surgery is EZorb. It has a 92% absorption rate and works to shrink or dissolve bone spurs. Best of all, you can use it for 30 days to see if it brings you heavenly relief. Don't decide now, let EZorb prove itself to you. Try it risk-free.

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Ready to order? Go directly to our online store, or call 1-800-395-5715. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also use the mail order form to mail us your order.

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