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Osteoporosis Testimonials

(Osteoporosis) One year ago my doctor's nurse called me after my first bone density test with the shocking and depressing news that I had osteoporosis with a score of -3.14. Her advice was to up my calcium intake of course, and prescribed Fosamax. She said to ask the pharmacist which calcium was better. Well I had taken about every kind of calcium supplement on the shelf and I felt like it was all for nothing since they hadn't protected me from that lousy score.

And after reading the list of side effects of Fosamax I wasn't too thrilled about swallowing that pill either. But I did for one month and it was painfully irritating on my esophagus.

After some research on the net, I found Ezorb. Their claims sounded too good to be true, but the more I read about it the more I thought, why not? I liked reading about the no nasty side effects like upset stomach or kidney stones. So I listened to the little voice inside me and tossed the Fosamax and put myself on Ezorb.

My last bone density test showed an amazing improvement from a -3.14 to -2.65! I was so excited! The radiologist was pretty amazed at my scores and asked me which prescription I was taking as most of them only show a couple percents worth of improvement at best. You can bet I told her all about Ezorb!

Thanks so much for a wonderful product and giving me one less thing to worry about in my life!


(Osteoporosis) I started taking Ezorb over a year ago. I was diagnosed with osteo or "low bone density". Found Ezorb on line, decided it was worth a try. Time would tell. (Had a bone scan, that is how they determined low bone density.) Went for another scan a couple of months ago, the doctor couldn't believe that it was noticeably better. I was so excited.

I am 50 year old, 5 ft.1 inch, 108 lb. Caucasian. And postmenopausal to boot. Makes me a perfect candidate for bone issues. I am no longer a skeptic. And so much appreciate this product. I am bringing the information for medical professionals to my doctors apt on Tues. Hoping he will recommend this to his patients.

- DM from Hanson, Massachusetts

(Osteoporosis) A friend of mine from work had a severe limp for a couple years. I asked what it was. She said it was a bone spur. She had trouble wearing shoes, but was now in flats and could no longer wear heels. This summer I noticed she had on heels again, and no limp. She told me she had been taking EZorb for 6 or 8 months, and no longer has a heel spur.

In August I was in a car accident. I suffered from a spiral fracture in my hand. At 4 weeks my hand had not healed. I ordered EZorb and started with 6 to 8 capsules a day. (I am also a smoker, thus need more calcium as smoking depletes the making of calcium). At eight weeks they saw no difference with my x-rays.

By the time I completed two bottles of EZorb (early November) they could see remarkable improvement and decided not to go back in and pin it. I am also 50 yrs old, and had my first bone density test last month. It will now be interesting to see how my test changes over the next year. I will never go another day without my EZorb.

- Signed, a very happy camper from Wisconsin


Dear EZorb,

I have a great success story to report. My bone scan results just came back. My doctor told me my density went back to NORMAL! I couldn't believe it's finally happening to me, after reading all those success stories of others for a year... HALLELUJAH!

My doctor was caught with surprise too. Unlike other doctors I read in your newsletter, my doctor is very nice and he's always open to new ideas. He actually did quite a bit research on EZorb before giving me the go-ahead. Thank you Steven...I know you'll be reading this.

Thank you so much for doing this for me.

(Osteoporosis) I'm a 63-year-old woman. My bone density had been declining year after year since I was diagnosed osteoporosis. I started EZorb in June 2002. At the beginning I was taking 6 teaspoons powder a day. Almost instantly I felt I had more energy during the day and better sleep at night. Five weeks later I noticed walking didn't bother me no more...I felt my body was lighter than before (Yes I was overweight and still am). To me that was a sign that something good was happening.

November 2002 I went for my annual bone scan test. Even though I had been on EZorb for just a little over 5 months the test results already showed signs of improvement. I gained about 3% overall in bone density. Even though my t-scores' still bad, both my doctor and I were convinced that we were headed in the right direction.

After that I moved on to take 4 capsules and 3 teaspoons powder a day. I do volunteer work at a charity. It's just more convenient for me to take capsules at work and powder at home.

Two weeks ago (November 2003) I went back for the test again. And this time my bone density jumped 14.56% in lumber spine, 11.21% in left hip and 8.79% in femoral neck. My doctor told me my bone density numbers are once again normal! My t-scores are still below zero... but they are no longer in the scary territory of osteoporosis.

Thank you thank you, thank you EZorb!


(Osteoporosis) My name is Cindy. I don't usually sing praises but I feel I owe it to you this time. My daughter Maria bought me a bottle of EZorb on my birthday. I had been on Fosamax and had to deal with all the side effects. My stomach was constantly in pain. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with Fosamax. I was really scared every time I took it. Thanks to EZorb I no longer need Fosamax. My recent bone density results have shown steady improvement. This is wonderful.

-Granny Cindy, SD

(Osteoporosis) I had an operation to remove kidney stones years ago. My doctor prohibits me taking any calcium supplements. Six months ago my doctor told me I had osteoporosis. He asked me to reduce activity otherwise I ran the risk of bone fracture. For a couple of months I was living a life like house arrest. During the time I did a lot of research and decided to try EZorb. I am very pleased with the bone scan results. So is my doctor. He now recommends EZorb to his other patients.

-Lora Harris, Canada

(Osteoporosis) I was diagnosed osteoporosis years ago. I was using calcium citrate per doctor's recommendation. It never worked on me somehow. The situation just kept getting worse. Now I'm using EZorb. My doctor told me my bone density has increased 27% from where I was 5 months ago. I will definitely recommend EZorb Calcium to anyone in my situation...

-Robert Spalding, KS

(Osteoporosis) Dear EZorb: I have been taking Ezorb for six weeks and already I can feel that it is making my bones stronger. I noticed that when I walk I no longer waddle like a duck. I give the credit to Ezorb. I am 66 years old.

-GE, Kansas

(Osteoporosis) I'm in my seventies. I've had osteoporosis for over a decade. Afraid of fracture I had to minimize movement. I'd tried most of the calcium supplements available. Nothing seemed effective. My niece Amy recommended EZorb Calcium to me. I'm on it for several months now. I can feel my bone is getting stronger.

-Robin Fox, Washington DC

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Arthritis/Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonials


Dear Customer Service,

My parents and I have taken EZorb for 2 weeks now. I must say that we are amaze by the effectiveness of EZorb Calcium.

My dad is 68 years old and has Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. He has been using a walking stick for 4 months now.

Three months ago, his knees were x-ray and subsequently had them injected with those lubricants on 3 occasions, and put on Fosamax. He has also been taking Glucosamine Chandroitin for a year since complaining of weak knees affecting his mobility.

Two months after those 3 injections his condition was no much better than before. Revisited the doctor and found that the joint was not accepting all the fluid then were injected and the fluid had turn yellow. These were remove to ease the paint from the build up pressure.

Three days after taking EZorb Calcium, he is so happy and amaze with the result that he anxiously wakes up one and a half hour earlier everyday just to take EZorb Calcium.

My mum 63 years old and I, 41 years of age, has been having neck pain, backache and knees pain when walking up staircase. She has a BMD T-score of -2.8 while mine is -1.8.

We have been taking Glucosamine Chandroitin and pain killer such as Ultram and Norgesic which seems to relieve pain initially, but the relieve is short lived and experiencing those side effects like nausea, stomach upset, low energy and sleepiness. Two weeks into EZorb calcium and 1 week without those pain killer/muscle relaxant, we are extremely happy with the result. Neck pain has reduced by atleast 50%, walking up the stairs is less painful. Instead of strolling, she could almost manage a brisk walk.

As for me, the pain in the neck has reduced by about 80%. I could now manage a bit of jogging up 3 flights of stairs. Incredible !

By the way, the three of us are taking 3 capsule on arising, 3 capsule mid afternoon and 1 teaspoon 2 hours before bedtime.

We have been sharing these great result with our friends, neighbours, relatives and community club. Most were encouraged and especially convinced from the visible improvement of my dad's mobility.


(Rheumatoid Arthritis) When I was in fourth grade, I was diagnosed with JRA. I am now 22 years old. The area affected was mainly my wrists and hands. However, in the last couple of years, I have noticed that some of my other joints were beginning to hurt as well. Iam currently taking Enbrel. For awhile, this was a "miracle" drug for me - it took away all pain and swelling. But within the last year, it, for some reason, hasn't been doing the trick. I had a great aunt who suffered with arthritis her whole life - same situation as me, and she ended up being bed-ridden, her bones and joints completely destroyed. Determined that I would do whatever it took to avoid that situation, I have relied on God and stayed as active as possible.

One day, searching for how nutrition affected arthritis on the internet, I came across Ezorb. Like most other people, I was skeptical about all the "success" stories. But I decided to give it a try. I bought some. I take between 4-6 capsules (or teaspoons) a day. This is what I have to say about it... I can feel it... seriously. My bones and joints haven't felt so strong in a long time. The swelling that was in my wrists and fingers is gone. I am currently still taking Enbrel, but when I was just taking the Enbrel, I still had swelling and pain.

Because it takes longer for some people to see results than others, I believe that as I continue taking it, I will be able to go off of prescription medicine! I took it for over a month before I started to notice a difference... but now I can definitely tell it's working.

There's a lot of things out there that people claim can heal the pains of arthritis, but even in working with my diet, I didn't find the relief and actual restoration of my joints as I have in taking Ezorb. It is truly an answer to prayer for me:)

God Bless,

(Osteoarthritis) I have been taking your product for six months it has made a different in my life. I was not walking on my right knee very good. After taking Ezorb I feel like a person brought a product that will make in different in your life. I went to the doctor he checked my right knee. At that time he stated that my knee was not turning in. I was thinking at that given time I hope it never does that. The cartlige is wearing off that knee. The fact I found your product to be amazing. I had to give it a try. When I read about not having to have surgery on this knee. Thanks Ezorb! I can move much better and get more things done."

- G.T., California

(Rheumatoid Arthritis/Fibromyalgia) Hi, my name is Denice and I am 54 years old and I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I went through menopause at the age of 45 and that is when my body fell apart. I developed RA & Fibro shortly afterwards. I had a active flareup of the RA for about a year but through taking coral calcium {which worked for this time} I went into a remission, until May of 2008 when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I had a radical hysterectomy July 30 of 2008. Trying to recover from this surgery was awful but to have the rheumatoid arthritis and Fibro hit me like a freight train I thought I was going to die.

My whole skeletal frame was in extreme pain. I tryed taking the coral calcium again along with acupuncture and other supplements and nothing was helping me. I began taking large doses of Motrin to even get through the day. It got so bad I prayed the Lord would just take me.

Somehow I came across the website for Ezorb and thought what the hay I'll give anything a try if it would relieve the pain. I prayed on this for so long and knew this was my answer.

After I had ordered the product I began searching the net about this calcium and came across some sites that said bad things about the product. I got worried and started not to take it. But something kept telling me to go for it. I am glad I did.

This product has been a godsend to me. I have been using Ezorb for about a week and can not believe the reduction in my pain level. On a scale of 1-10 I was at a 10 before using Ezorb. Now I would say I am at a 5 in just one week. I was almost afraid to write this because I didn't want to jinx anything. I can't wait to see what else will happen as I continue to take Ezorb. I urge anyone with any kind of bone and joint issues to give Ezorb a try.

I only weight 98lbs due to the weight loss for the cancer. I am normally about 115. So I am taking 6 pills a day/ 2 at each meal that is a theraputic dosage for my weight. I just wanted to say thank you and I will update you on my progress.

(Knee Arthritis) I don't really believe in testimonials, since you never see one reflecting any negative comments. However, one in particular that you had posted on your web site caused me to order Ezorb. - It was from a gentleman with bone spurs that had received a container of Ezorb from his sister... etc.

I thought that this was either genuine, or your marketing department were really creative.

I ordered the product and it arrived within 5 days (which I consider quite speedy, since I'm in Toronto, Canada - thank you)

I decided to try 3 caplets a day to start with.

After 3 days I noticed the pain in my knees (my problem area) had gone - i.e. under normal activity, like getting out of the chair and walking up and down stairs.

I have been taking Ezorb for about a month now and have noticed the following - very little pain (if any) under stress e.g.

- hiking up and down trails with a 200 - 300 ft vertical

- mountain biking (the real stuff - through forested trails)

- running 2-3 time a week, averaging 4-5 km a run

- no pain at all during normal daily activities - this includes going up the stairs at home two at a time (haven't done that in several years)

- every joint in my body used to experience some level of ache or pain, which has now gone - completely!

I have always been very active and have had ease up on most things and even had to give up playing squash because of the pain.

I haven't gone back to squash (yet - but I'm thinking of it) but I no longer have to ease up on any other activities and my trips to the chiropractor have gotten fewer and farther between.

Thank you very very much for a product that delivers far more than it advertises - this stuff is truly amazing!

From an active 51 year old, now feeling like a 35 year old again! Please feel free to use this testimonial on your web site.

(Arthritis in the hip) My name is Frances and I am 57 years old. I have always been in good health. This past year of 2003 cost me a lot in doctor bills because I started having a lot of pain in my hip. I had four xrays, an MRI, and a bone scan on my hip and I eventually was told by my neurologist that I would just have to live with a certain amount of pain.

Well he was wrong because I found out about ezorb by looking on the web about arithritis and i bought it. When you are a lot pain you will try anything.

I started taking it three weeks ago and even I cant beleive how well it works. I am almost totally pain free. I stand all day on my job and this has been a godsend. Thanks and I will be ordering again just as soon as I need to.

- Frances

(Arthritis/Osteoarthritis) From July to August last year the arthritis pain on my right knee got worse. The swollen joint on my right knee was almost twice the size of the normal one. I was rushed to the emergency room twice during the period. Needless to say how much pain I was suffering. What really bothered me was that the doctor told me I had no other options but surgery if the combination of glucosamine and anti-inflammatory medication still wouldn't improve my condition within months.

During a weekend visit in August my in-law Jim told me he and his wife Linda were using EZorb. Jim used it for the osteoarthritis on his wrists and Linda had been using EZorb for osteoporosis. Jim insisted that I try the bottle he bought for me. I was in so much pain that I would try anything. But frankly I didn't have high expectation for EZorb because I had tried too many supplements, many of which seemed working for a short period of time and then lost their touch. Bottom line - it wouldn't hurt. That's how I started taking EZorb. I still took the prescribed pain-relief medication but stopped taking glucosamine and chondroitin.

About a month later I noticed that the swelling was getting away and soon I found myself cutting down on the pain-relief medication. Another month went by the swelling and inflammation had completely gone. By the end of the third month, I was pain-free and decided to quit taking pain-relief medications which I lived with for the past three years. My knee has grown back to normal.

Thank God I'm once again living a normal life. I can move, I can bend over, I can even run, without PAIN! I've never given up on myself and I knew I would be saved. This time it was EZorb. Undoubtedly it restored the cartilage in my joint and filled it up with the collagen joy! Thank you for the wonderful product. To my fellow Americans who are suffering from arthritis pain, don't lose your faith and keep an open mind.

-Dan Simons, OH

(Arthritis) Thank you so much for your advice. For the first 2 months I took EZorb along with Aspirin and gradually reduced Aspirin intake. Now I'm on EZorb alone. Finally got rid of Aspirin. And my arthritis pain's gone. Thanks again!

-Matt Landon, TX

(Arthritis) I've been on EZorb for 5 months. Before that I used CMO, glucosamine and pain relievers. The pain always came back. Now I believe only EZorb gets to the root cause of arthritis pain. I don't feel the pain any more. My joints are more smooth. I don't hear the clicking any more.

-Dave Lewis, SC

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Bone Spur Testimonials

(Bone Spur/Tendonitis) Hi there. My name is Candice. You can print this:

I have had shoulder problems; calcium deposits, tendinitis, and bone spurs in my shoulder for years. I had surgery 12 years ago and another surgery this year for calcium deposits.

5 weeks before having surgery, I tried EZorb. I showed the doctor and physical therapist the printed info I had. They laughed. "Where did you get that?? The internet??" I took about 3 per day. I know it says 6. He went in and tried to find the calcium that covered my humeral head. He stuck me three times and could not find the calcium. He came out and told my husband and mother. They did remove a bone spur.

I only wish I had taken EZorb longer and had not had the surgery at all. I had had 9 cortizone shots in 3 years and it was what I felt, a last resort. I have told everyone who complains of pain.

Candice B. Redding, California

(Heel Spur/Plantar Fasciitis) Please acknowledge receipt of this email. After 2 years of pain with plantar faschiitis and heel spurs I can now work during the day and still enjoy a stroll in the evening or even a game of golf. My handicap has even come down to 7 and I can enjoy my game without worrying how many holes I will be able to play before the pain starts.

Thanks Ezorb
Fiona J, Carnoustie.

(Bone Spur/Arthritis) First I want to thank you for always being so efficient in sending out my order.

My husband found your product last May 2004, on the website, wanted me to try it for my bone spur plus arthritis....... there was a story about how it curred one of your customers, I told him everyone had a story, just another pill to take it. Well he insisted on ordering it - I started to take it - very negative about it but dit it.

Well in a month, my spurs were good, plus my arthritis, now I have to tell you I am in Canada half a year and Hawaii the other half. I walk 10 to 15 miles a day, my spurs give me no problem, even walked a marathon. I can go on and on ...... I will never be with out your powder, take it twice a day. So pleased my husband did not listen to me. I am retired and want ot be healthy which I am at 62, walk 7 days a week......

so thank you.....

Diane S.

(Heel Spur) I recently discovered EZorb calcium by searching for heel spur on the net. I had been suffering daily for over two months from this condition which had me hobbling around. I read their claim to resolve heel spurs with Ezorb product and reasoned it was worth a try over the possible surgical alternative.

Within three days the spur pain was gone and I have been pain free for the past three weeks. I know the importance of calcium, and was previously taking barefoot coral calcium. When I think aboutit, the heel spur was a blessing in that it helped me discover this better product. I am now hopeful that I will experience improved general health as I continue to take EZorb.

My thank goes out to the Ezorb people. You have a new steady customer.

- Larry in AZ

(Heel Spurs) I too would like to add my success to EZorb calcium, I had a heel spur on my right foot and could hardly walk when I got out of bed in the morning, I really don't know I have it any more. I also was taking coral calcium which did nothing for me. So happy I looked on the internet for heel spurs and found your product. I will never be without it. Thanks so much."

- M.L.

(Bone Spurs/Heel Spurs) I have a great success story with EZorb. This is August and in July we were planning a huge move. I've had a spur in the right heel since LAST NOVEMBER!! I saw my doctor who had x-rays done and $425.00 later I was told what I already knew - I had a spur.

I tried several of the exercises that were recommended and then I decided to surf the net and read on the whys and whats of spurs. Thus entered EZorb in June to my life. I could not walk on my foot more than an hour. Shopping was not even a suggestion. Limping everywhere I went...and yes on the verge of tears from pain and frustration. I ordered EZorb. Why not, what could I lose?

8 tablets a day and by the 7 day I felt a difference...and in July I was amazed at the change. We were going to move from our home to a Condo and I was ready for this!! UNBELIEVABLE. I tell so many people about this and several are starting to order EZorb. After 12 hours on my feet my foot hurts some...but then everything should hurt after 12 hours on your feet!! I cannot believe the difference it has made for me!

Another living proof is my husband who has patiently put up with me and my whining and suffering. He now has started the product for his knees...and legs, and tells that after 6 a day for one week he already can feel the difference.

My 82 year old mother will be next... talked over last night and today my day is on the net checking it out!! LOVE THE PRODUCT. I cannot explain how nice it is to walk again with out pain, keep up with the granddaughter and everyone else, rather than everyone waiting for me! I suffered 7 painful teary months and I cannot believe the success of EZorb myself... almost gone and feeling better!!

Thank you! Maybe I should get a family discount... I will continue to use the product and plan on cutting back next month to 4 a day.


(Bone Spurs/Back/Shoulder Pain) I've had bone spurs in my shoulder and back for over 10 years. I've tried everything and nothing worked took EZorb for seven months and the pain that's bothered me all these years finally gone. I thank the Lord Jesus for the miracle and for leading me to find EZorb.


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Fibromyalgia Testimonials

(Fibromyalgia) Hi my name is Carla, After several years of remission from fibromyalgia symptoms they were returning this winter. I was starting to feel fatigue, lots of pain, and was having a difficult time with my concentration and mental processing.

I went on-line to look for somthing that may be of help. After reading the testimonials and seeing the money back guarantee offer I decided to order EZorb. WOW, after only a week all the symptoms starting dissapearing. After a couple more weeks I no longer experience any of the symptoms.

I feel as if a cloud has been lifted off of me! I was so excited about the results and people at work starting noticing a difference in me, so I told them about EZorb. I just got another shipment of EZorb for myself and some for my co-workers also. Thanks so much.

(Fibromyalgia) Hi, my name is Tee Dixon, I have had thyroid related problems for two 1/2 years (sluggish thyroid) the doctors could not get the right dosage for me. I was always tired so tired all the time.

I am a CEO of transaction processing company in Florida by the time I got home I was so tired all the time I did seemly just struggled to go to chruch and work as tired as I was I could not really sleep I had jont pains. I take natural herbs and eat properly, excerise any thing to help.

I also was diganosed with Fibromyalgia and my massage therpist told me about EZorb I went on line and my life has changed. I started taking 4 capsules twice per day for the first three weeks wow what a difference (I notice the change right away on the third day) and it appears the thyroid meds are now working no more joint pains.

I am more active than I have been in years. I feel much younger than 48 I have a full life back and can think clearly my employees even said something is far different. I thank God for hearing my prayer and directing me to EZorb for I know he had to be involved in creating it.

I will be taking it from now on and infact just ordered another four bottles it is a daily supplement for me. Thank you for making EZorb. God Bless you all.

(Fibromyalgia) I was surfing the net and came upon EZorb Calcium. I decided to order it. I just received it yesterday and took one teaspoon. I immediately felt better.

I suffer from fibromyalgia but for some reason I could feel my muscles relax the minute I took the calcium. Today I took another teaspoon and again I could feel my pain lessening and the muscles relax. I'm excited about this because I have been in pain for years from an accident and fibromyalgia.

Today I feel hope where I didn't think there was any...........thank you!

- Laura C

(Fibromyalgia) Hi, my name is Kathy Shaw Been to the dr's and they're telling me that I might have fibromyalgia, maybe depression. I have had bad pain in the back of my head, sometimes my vision seems to change and then go back to normal. Then sometimes my head feels like its in a cloud, weird if you ask me.

But since I started taking ezorb it's really helped me out makes me feel alot better. Starting with the first week of taking it. There is noway I could live without it. I love the ezorb.

(Fibromyalgia) Thank you for such a quick and satisfying answer. Taking this product the first three days took me out of the brain fog that I have had for the last ten years. I thought that I was loosing my mind because I had not experienced such clear vision and reduction in the brain fog.

I hope that my sister will experience relief from the Fibro pain that she has had for the last twenty years. Her doctors have not been able to assist her with any of the prescriptions."

- P.D., Missouri

(Fibromyalgia/Lupus/Arthritis/Osteoporosis) i happened to be home sick and started surfing the net. i somehow came across ezorb. and ordered a bottle. Not really thinking anything would work. however, i did give it a try.

i had breast cancer two years ago. and i am fine and intend to remain cancer free. however, after treatment and during treatment, i found it difficult to get up and walk. i would tell the doctors " my entire skeletel frame hurts. i couldn't even get up from a chair without being in severe pain."

however, you cant get me down. i continued to work and climb two flights of stairs everyday at least two to three times a day. doctors said i have fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis and osteoporosis. oh, by the way, i had other surgery on my foot for a benign cyst and was out of work one week. and back to work with a cane. then i was shopping in the mall and my foot really hurt but after two weeks of it getting worse.

i finally went to doctor and he found two (not one) broken bones. Needless to say, i was in a cast and walking with a cane again. I have been on a steady diet of motrin, flexirel, etc. etc etc. as well as eight different natural herbal pills from the harvest house.

about one week after i started taking six tablets of ezorb per day, i had results for the first time since 2000. i can walk. i can get out of the car without crouching over and without walking slowly. i can get up from the chair after a movie and walk out without waiting till everyone leaves. i tried walking the treadmill, but notyet. so, all i can say, it is really working. and i am not even taking motrin or flexirel for the past 30 days.

i have my own business, a very busy paralegal and attorney office in Santa Clara California. i am raising a fifteen year old granddaughter and very active in her school as well. i have come across so many people with fibromyalgia who are not working and all i can say, is the more i would stay at home, the worse i got. so, get out and try ezorb and magic happens.

thank you...

-Maureen, CA

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Marvlix Testimonials

(High Blood Pressure/Diabetes) Hi, my name is Greg. I'm diabetic and have high blood pressure. I couldn't take the drugs my doctor gave me for high blood pressure because of side effects.

I found Marvlix about two years ago while I was just starting Internet research. I'd always thought it was overpriced and didn't want to spend that kind of money. I'm on social security.

During the past two years, I had been switching among different drugs and supplements for hypertension. But nothing seemed working for long.

I finally pulled the trigger and bought 6 bottles. That was 6 months ago. I started taking 6 a day. In about 4 weeks, my blood pressure went normal - I couldn't believe it! And it has stayed that way ever since.

Marvlix didn't lower my blood sugar level though. I still have to take my diabetes drug. I found out that Marvlix is more for protecting my body from being damaged by diabetes than for regulating blood sugar level. I'm okay with that.

(Hypertension) Hi, my name is Leo P. I have had good news to report! I've been on Marvlix for about 2 months now. My doctor prescribed three drugs to control my blood pressure.

Since on Marvlix, my blood pressure went from 170/120 down to about 150/100, which was impossible with the drugs. I'm now taking only one drug together with Marvlix. Hopefully I'd be able to get off that too, soon. Many thanks.

(Breathing/Blood Oxygen Level) Hi, my name is Jerry. I have been taking Marvlix for years and it improves my breathing. It's also dramatically improved my oxygen blood levels.

My blood oxygen level was below 90 and now it's 98-99. Amazing it makes me feel great. It's a regular part of my life now.

(Urination/KIdney Pain) Hi, my name is Gary G. I have been using Marvlix for little over a month and have already seen a difference in my metabolism and health.

I have been urinating less especially at night. I do not have the constant pain I was having around my kidney and lower back area. I am sure that I will see more improvement in the future with this marvelous product.

(Kidney Performance) Hi, my name is Joseph Norris. In July 2012 my doctor informed me that my kidneys were very weak and that if not taken care of dialysis may be coming.

I talked to a cousin of mine that has very weak kidneys and I wanted to know what medications he was taking because I knew he was refusing dialysis. He told me about Marvlix.

In about a week my first order of Marvlix arrived. I took 6 a day for about 4 weeks and my doctor then had me take another sonogram for my kidneys. He was unaware of me taking Marvlix.

Last Thursday, 9-13-12, my doctor called me and said he has the results, he said my kidneys have got remarkably better since the last sonogram. Just want to say, THANKS :)

(COPD/A-Fib) Hi, my name is Debbie! I am 57 years old. I live in the worst part of the country (USA) for pollen levels. So far this year I have not got sick like I usually do this time of year.

I have multiple health issues that have been ongoing most of my life.

Late last year I was in so much pain when I found your site. I was short of breath, I could not walk very well and I missed my clear thinking! I was beginning to wonder if this was the end of my life.

The health issues that affect me are; Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Fibromyalgia (FMS), Neuropathy, both feet, Osteoporosis, COPD and most recently A Fib.

So you see my whole body has become involved in this health issue. I could be this poster child for these products!!

I'm on my second bottle of EZorb and my first bottle of Marvlix is almost gone. I will be ordering more!!!

The brain fog is gone, I can even see better, with less blurry vision and less headaches. My joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles feel better, my whole body is so much more relaxed. Mentally I feel recharged. I am even sleeping better! I had severe pain in my neck and shoulders down my arms. BETTER!

My lungs are not as congested and I have only used the neb treatment 2 times since taking the Marvlix. I have 97% less wheezing and my lungs sound clear when my doctor checked them. I can breathe better and inhale deeper!

My heart has less of the weird sensations and achy pains. My heart just feels more calm. I'm hoping to get off the 2 heart meds soon.

Thank you so much! Having renewed hope now, I prayed for help and this is how God answered!! \0/

Deb in Virginia

(Kidney Function) Hi, my name is Mary Pritchett. I am a long time Ezorb customer. I have been taking Marvlix off and on, and lately steadily 4 capsules per day for about 3 months.

My doctor says I have moderate kidney disease. I just had new blood test result which shows a great improvement in the functioning of my kidneys.


9/29/2011 1.0 55-NB
12/19/2011 0.8 71-NB

A GFR under 60 mL/min/1.73 mA2 may indicate kidney diseases. The lower the GFR number, the worse the kidney function.

I am 68 years old and my health is improving! Thank you so much.

(Libido) Hello: I have been taking the Marvlix for two months. I started to take it for high cholesterol. Why is it that you don't mention that libido is increased (which is not a problem), but it does make testosterone in men.

I am 62years old and our sex life is getting better all the time. Just like when we were young and my over all well being has greatly improved.

Karen P.

(Liver Disease) I just wanted to tell you that I was diagnosed with a liver disease about four months ago and was leary of taking prescription medications for it.

I started with vitamins but was not getting much relief. A friend gave me a pamphlet on your products and I ordered the Marvlix.

After about nine weeks I asked my doctor to do a liver enzyme test and it came back that I had gained 40% of my liver function back.

My blood sugar was in the normal range, and my kidneys were function 100%. Since this product worked I decided to take the Calcium also.

I had a bone density test last week and was told I have the bone density of a 30 year old. Your products are great and I am so glad that my friend told me about them.

Thank you,
Penny D.

(High Cholesterol/Breathing Problem) I just wanted to thank you for supplying such wonderful products. You probably know my history better than I do but I just wanted to share my experience.

I first discovered EZorb I want to say about five or six years ago. I was having major problems with bone spurs in both my heels. I went to many doctors to try and get help and most of them suggested surgery. I also tried the stores that say they can provide inserts into your shoes that can eliminate the pain. Well as a result I spent thousands of dollars and nothing worked.

That's when I decided I would browse the internet to find a solution. I came to your site and read all the great things about EZorb and could not believe what I was reading. I decided right then I was going to order a bottle.

Well after receiving my EZorb and read the directions I started to take as prescribed and I was amazed. Within two weeks I was getting relief on my heels. When I was close to finishing my first bottle I ordered more. Not only did I cure my problems with my heals but it gave me much more flexibility in my joints and eliminated the stiffness.

What a great product.

So you can imagine my thoughts when you release the new product Marvlix. I was very excited to try this new product and it has been even more amazing, I no longer have any shortness of breath, no more high cholesterol and I have not felt better in years.

I am 55 year old and people are always amazed when I tell them my age. I am also a diabetic and have seen great results from the use of your products.

Thank you again, customer for life.


(Stress) I found your EZorb product while searching for a heel spur remedy on the internet. I have now taken the EZorb powder for four months and I am thrilled with the results! Not only has my heel spur disappeared, but my bone and joint pain has decreased tremendously as well. My nails have become so strong and don't break and my hair is no longer falling out.

My life has changed so much. I told four of my dear friends who have all placed orders for the EZorb and the MARVLIX. Now they are just as devoted and thrilled as I am.

Last month I ordered my first bottle of MARVLIX. I noticed that I feel calmer and less stressed after only two weeks!

Your products are amazing and they really work! I can't believe that I was looking for a heel spur remedy and found the "fountain of youth".

Thank you so very, very much for changing my life by offering such beneficial products. You are a God send.

age 59

(Kidney Function) Hi, my name is Robin. I had been taking Lithium Carbonate for bi-polar illness for over 30 years. In order to lessen the toxic effect of lithium, I was advised to drink no fewer than 8 glasses of water every day as lithium could have a deleterious effect on my kidneys. My lithium level has always been monitored.

A year ago, my creatinine level reached 143 as the toxic effect of lithium had been affecting my kidneys. I started taking Marvlix and my last creatinine level was 137. I give credit to Marvlix.

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Other Testimonials

(Postmenopause) I'm 54. I would love to share my testimonial with any women at my age. I had some very bad experience with post-menopause symptoms. I had gone through sessions of estrogen replacement therapy which never really helped.

My friend Jacky gave me a bottle of EZorb Calcium about 2 months ago. I started to feel the difference the very next day and have been taking it ever since. I felt I had a lot more energy and all the post- menopause uneasiness were gone.

My husband Brant and my daughter Lindsey also felt the changes in me. They noticed that I am a more pleasant person. I even returned to the gym with Lindsey last week. EZorb Calcium has turned my life around.

-Julie Peterson, MA

(Calcium Deficiency) I'm a mother of two. Ashley is 13 and Brandon is 12. I have been feeding them calcium supplements I bought from a nearby nutrition store since neither of them drink milk. I noticed that Ashley and Brandon were growing slower than their peers.

My husband Mark is 6-2 and I'm 5-10. I took them to the Doctor for examinations. Test results showed my kids suffered from calcium deficiency. I started looking for the best source of calcium. Luckily I found EZorb. It worked out very well. Ashley and Brandon are catching up...I can feel the difference it makes. I myself started taking EZorb Calcium. I feel great.

-Shelley Wilson, CA

(Pregnancy) * My son Alexander was borne last Tuesday. I want to share my joy with every woman in pregnancy. My blood pressure had been quite high during the pregnancy. As a result Alexander suffered from a severe complication.

My doctor told me my baby and I needed a lot of calcium and he prescribed liquid calcium, which didn't work on us for some reason. I felt so helpless. My husband Trevor spent the entire weekend surfing the Internet and finally he bought two bottles of EZorb Calcium.

Alex's situation got better ever since and I felt great too. My appetite came back and I felt I had more energy to move around. EZorb Calcium saved my child's life. God bless you.

-Diana Watkins, MN

(Overweight) I've been overweight for quite a while. I started to feel that my bones were overloaded about a year ago. I'd been looking for a calcium supplement that would work on me ever since. I had tried and given up on at least a dozen until I settled down on EZorb Calcium. I feel my body is lighter and my move is much quicker. My blood pressure is also down. I don't have breathing problems any more. This is fantastic.

-John Irvine, WI

(Fingernails) I've only been on EZorb for 3 weeks and at last my fingernails are growing. And they are strong. I've tried every product on the market and nothing has worked. If EZorb does this for my nails, how can I question what it's doing for my bones. Thanks EZorb.

-CH, Alberta, Canada

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Ready to order? Go directly to our online store, or call 1-800-395-5715. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also use the mail order form to mail us your order.

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