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Marvlix is an updated version of Cordyceps sinensis produced through our proprietary method. Elixir Industry's cutting-edge nanotechnology has completely eliminated every harmful substance commonly found in traditionally produced Cordyceps products, while actually magnifying in Marvlix all beneficial effects of the fungus known to the ancient Chinese.


In this section we present the benefits of Marvlix that have been proven by numerous research studies and clinical trials undertaken by scientists from all over the world during the past two decades.



The medical applications of Cordyceps center on the key functions of essential organs, including (but not limited to) the lung, kidney, liver and heart. Cordyceps is also recommended as an aid to treatment of cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, the effects of aging, and the reduction of drug toxicity. Identified agents, such as adenosine, cordycepin, cordycepic acid, the polysaccharides, and vitamins and trace elements, are believed to be at least partially responsible for the well-documented beneficial effects of Cordyceps usage.


While researchers are still looking for more beneficial agents found in the fungus, numerous clinical trials have proven scientifically that Cordyceps works well in treating and healing a myriad of medical problems. Select a topic below to read details of relevant clinical studies.


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