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Magnes Res 1999 Dec;12(4):251-6


Magnesium pidolate and magnesium aspartate effects on human amniotic membrane ionic permeability in vitro.


Guiet-Bara A, Durlach J, Bara M.

Laboratory of Physiopathologie de l'Implantation et du Developpement, University P.M. Curie, Paris, France.


The effects of Mg pidolate and Mg aspartate were studied on the ionic transfer through a membraneous model: the human isolated amniotic membrane.

The ionic transfer was evaluated by the measure of the total conductance in the maternal to fetal way (GtM) and in the fetal to maternal way (GtF) and of the ionic fluxes (F1 on the maternal side (MS), F2 on the fetal side (FS)) and of the ratio F1/F2.


Whatever the Mg pidolate concentration, GtM and GtF remained constant. Mg aspartate had a concentration-dependent effect on GtM (decrease-increase) and a monophasic effect on GtF (decrease). F1 and F2 were decreased by the two Mg salts, and the ratio F1/F2 remained constant after addition of Mg pidolate and was increased by Mg aspartate.


The results were explained in terms of screening and/or binding interactions with the polar surface moieties and were compared with results obtained in previous studies with other Mg salts. The results indicated the importance of the anion associated with Mg element in the ionic transfer.




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