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Int J Sport Nutr 1995 Jun;5(2):102-9


Effect of acute potassium-magnesium aspartate supplementation on ammonia concentrations during and after resistance training.


Tuttle JL, Potteiger JA, Evans BW, Ozmun JC.

Department of Physical Education, Indiana State University, Terre Haute 47809, USA.


This study examined the effects of aspartate supplementation (ASP) on plasma ammonia concentrations ([NH4+]) during and after a resistance training workout (RTW).


Twelve male weight trainers were randomly administered ASP or vitamin C in a crossover, double blind protocol, each trial separated by 1 wk. ASP and vitamin C were given over a 2-hr period beginning 5 hr prior to the RTW. The RTW consisted of bench, incline, shoulder, and triceps presses, and biceps curls at 70% of one repetition maximum (1-RM).


After the RTW a bench press test (BPT) to failure at 65% of 1-RM was used to assess performance. [NH4+] was determined preexercise, 20 and 40 min midworkout, immediately postexercise, and 15 min postexercise. Treatment-by-time ANOVAs, paired t tests, and contrast comparisons were used to identify mean differences.


No significant differences were observed between treatments for [NH4+] or BPT. [NH4+] increased significantly from Pre to immediately postexercise for both the ASP and vitamin C trials. Acute ASP supplementation does not reduce [NH4+] during and after a high intensity RTW in weight trained subjects.




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