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Biol Trace Elem Res 2001 Oct;83(1):31-8


Increased absorption of zinc from alimentary tract in primary arterial hypertension.


Tubek S.

Department of Internal Diseases, Regional Hospital, Strzelce Opolskie, Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Institute of Technology, Opole, Poland.


Zinc absorption from the alimentary tract, as revealed by serum zinc concentration, was studied in a group of 10 patients (age 37.7+/-5.1 yr) with moderate and severe untreated primary arterial hypertension before and after a 30-d treatment with perindopril 4 mg/d. Blood pressure was 177.33+/-16.24/111.33+/-15.26 mm Hg before and 143.41+/-17.34/91.29+/-12.54 mm Hg after treatment (p < 0.05/p < 0.05).


Nine persons (age 37+/-6.2 yr) with normal blood pressure (121.33+/-9.9/78+/-5.23 mm Hg) were the control group. Blood samples were taken from the ulnar vein at 8.00 AM (0 h), before taking zinc orally (one tablet of Zincas (zinc aspartate), containing 5 mg Zn2+) and at 1, 3, and 6 h after the dose.


Serum zinc concentration in control and hypertensive group (before treatment) were initially 15.47+/-6.26 versus 15.99+/-5.65 (NS), 19.37+/-6.40 versus 20.83+/-4.48 (NS) after 1 h, 17.91+/-4.76 versus 31.32+/-10.49 (p < 0.003) after 3 h, and 15.32+/-5.47 versus 17.87+/-6.56 (NS) after 6 h.


Maximal increase of Zn was 4.77+/-2.10 versus 17.53+/-4.13, respectively (p < 0.001). In the hypertensive group, serum Zn before and after perindopril treatment was initially 15.98+/-5.65 versus 14.81+/-3.11 (NS), 20.83+/-4.48 versus 18.17+/-2.50 (NS) after 1 h, 31.32+/-10.49 versus 22.94+/-5.80 (NS) after 3 h, 17.53+/-4.13 (p < 0.001) after 6 h. Maximal increase of Zn before treatment was 17.53+/-4.13 versus 9.17+/-4.67 (p < 0.017) after treatment.


The following conclusions were reached: (1) In patients with primary arterial hypertension, an increased zinc absorption from alimentary tract was found; (2) A 30-d perindopril treatment 4 mg/d orally decreased zinc absorption in these patients.




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